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It is not uncommon for children to grow up so exposed to their parents’ careers that they go on to pursue the same careers—especially in Hollywood. There are many famous actors whose children also go on to become famous actors in their own right. This is the case for Jason Ritter, who is becoming just like his late father, John Ritter, in more than just looks.

Jonathan Ritter was born on September 17, 1948, in Burbank, California. Part of a showbiz family, his father, was the singing cowboy, Tex Ritter, while his mother, Dorothy Fay, was an actress. Originally John Ritter didn’t have plans to follow his family into the entertainment industry. However, he soon changed his career path, switching his major from psychology to Theater Arts at the USC School of Dramatic Arts.

Some of John’s most iconic roles were in “It,” “Problem Child,” and “Bad Santa” in 2003—the latter of which ended up being his last film. He also appeared in a number of television shows, including “Felicity,” “Scrubs,” “And Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and he even lent his voice to “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” for which he received numerous Emmy nominations.

Sadly John passed away from aortic dissection in 2003 while rehearsing for the show “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,” just six days before his 55th birthday. He is survived by his second wife, Amy Yasbeck, and his four children: Jason, Carly, Tyler, and Noah.

While John Ritter left this world too soon, his son Jason Ritter is continuing his legacy. Also, an actor, Jason Ritter bears a striking similarity to his late father and is just as goofy and good-natured, often working in the comedic genre. Read on to see how Jason stood up for his wife on Twitter.


Jason Ritter was born on February 17, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, to John Ritter and his first wife, Nancy Morgan, who was also an actress. He graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied at the Atlantic Theater Company. He is best known for his role as Kevin Girardi in the television series “Joan of Arcadia,” Ethan Haas in “The Class,” Sean Walker in the NBC series “The Event,” and Mark Cyr in “Parenthood.”

Jason took an interest in acting at a young age. “When I was a kid, it was a lot of fun; I did a lot of plays in my elementary school,” he said in an appearance on Good Morning America in 2017. “I really loved it so much,” he added. Not that surprising, considering he made his first-ever appearance on the screen aged one on his dad’s show, “Three’s Company.”

In his teenage years, however, Jason had a short phase in which he became incredibly shy. “The idea of anybody looking at me doing anything was a nightmare,” he admitted.

Jason became engaged to actress Melanie Lynskey, in 2017. Well-known in her own right, Lynskey has acted in movies and TV shows including “Two and a Half Men,” “Coyote Ugly,” “Flags of Our Fathers,” and “Up in the Air.” The pair welcomed their first child together—a daughter—in December 2018.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in the summer of 2020, Jason revealed that he aspired to be just like his late father when it comes to parenting. “The main thing I continue to pass down, which was a huge thing from my dad and mom (Nancy Morgan), is how they always made sure we knew we were loved,” Jason said.


In an interview with People Magazine in 2019, nearly one year after his daughter’s birth, Jason Ritter called being a dad “fantastic” and said that the best part of it was: “I feel like she and I have a special connection. We sort of get in trouble together.”

Jason and Lynskey make a great team, and the loving husband is always there to defend his wife when needed.

In January 2022, Lynskey spoke out on Twitter about the body-shaming she has experienced since the show “Yellowjackets,” on which she plays Shauna, began airing. She tweeted: “The story of my life since ‘Yellowjackets’ premiered. Most egregious are the ‘I care about her health!!’ people…you don’t see me on my Peleton! You don’t see me running through the park with my child. Skinny does not always equal healthy.”

The actress didn’t only experience this behavior online. She also had to deal with body shaming on set. Lynskey said to Rolling Stone: “They were asking me, ‘What do you plan to do? I’m sure the producers will get you a trainer. They’d love to help you with this.’”

Jason saw the rude comments his wife was getting online and jumped to her defense. He tweeted: “If anyone has any further unsolicited comments about *anybody* else’s body, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink onto their own foreheads and swan dive directly into the sun.”

A fan joined the conversion and added, “Perfect response from you and your beautiful @melanielynskey. When will people learn to worry about their own body, not someone else’s, and stop the harassment and bullying going on in this world.”

If anyone has any further unsolicited comments about *anybody* else’s body, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink onto their own foreheads and swan dive directly into the sun https://t.co/5UyaHmR4JS

— Jason Ritter  (@JasonRitter) January 29, 2022

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