Sun. May 26th, 2024

Death is an incredibly sad and heartbreaking part of life. It is always sad to read about the death of an actor whose work we admired.

The death of beloved actress Elizabeth Hubbard is incredibly saddening. Keep reading to learn more…


Elizabeth Hubbard was most known for her iconic roles in As the World Turns and The Doctors. The actress played her roles on the show for thousands of episodes each. Her only son Jeremy D. Bennett announced the sad news of her mother’s death.

The post he made read, “I’m sorry to say with a broken heart mi mum passed over the weekend,” the Facebook post read. “Thank you for being an unmovable rock that guided me through life. I will try to honor your memory for as long as I live. Love & Prayers. Jeremy.”

The cause of death for Hubbard has not been specified as of yet.


Actress Martha Byrne, who played the role of Hubbard’s daughter, Lily also made a post on Instagram talking about her time with the late actress as well as about how much she is feeling about this loss.

“As many of you are finding out this morning, Elizabeth Hubbard passed away. First and foremost I want everyone to know I made sure she was aware of how much everyone loved her. I would share your comments from social media, videos, and your fond memories of her as Lucinda, and Althea, every time I saw her. She loved the audience and fought like HELL to bring truth and honesty to her performances,” Byrne wrote.

She wrote about her personal love for the actress saying, “On a personal level there aren’t words to describe how much she meant to me. Only feelings, override words in so many cases when it comes to love. I will be sharing more so we can all grieve together but here are our last words together only just a few days ago. I said, ‘Liz, do you know how much you have done for me?’ She said, ‘You can do more.’ Because of what she has done for me over the last 38 years, the strength and fearless nature in how she lived her life, she is right, I can AND WILL do more. I look forward to sharing more about her life, which encompasses so much more than her INCREDIBLE career on daytime television. She also said to me when I told her how much the fans loved her…’I tried.’ She more than tried. She left it all on the screen. I’ll miss her every day but grateful the universe gifted me with such a force of nature, of which the world will not see the likes of again. .”


Hubbard was a New York City native, having been born in the city. She debuted in her television career with a role in The First Lady Diaries: Edith Wilson. In 1964 she accepted the role of Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors. She played the character till 1982, having appeared in 2,741 episodes as the doctor in total.

In 1975, the actress also began her role as Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns. The role gained her even more popular than before. She played the role till 2010 and appeared in 1,975 episodes of the show portraying Lucinda Walsh.

In more recent years, Hubbard’s acting credits include roles in Hope & Faith, Center Stage, and Ordinary People. Her last acting credit was from 2015 to 2018 when she played the role of Eva Montgomery on Anacostia in nine episodes.

Her career earned her two Daytime Emmy Awards. And in 2015, she received a lifetime achievement award from Gold Derby.

She married David Bennett in 1970 and their marriage lasted till 1972. When they were together the couple welcomed their only child, their son, Jeremy D. Bennett.

Our prayers are with the family, friends, and fans of Elizabeth Hubbard. Please join us in sending them your thoughts and prayers.