Sun. May 26th, 2024

It is hard to envisage anything more terrifying than having your car stolen with your child on board. However, for this little boy, things turned out all right in the end and it was all because of a watchful grandmother.

Barbara Gusse, a guardian angel come forward in the rescue of a 1-year-old boy after hearing about an Amber Alert in Minnesota.

It was one of the snow-white mornings in Minnesota when the mother of Da’Merion White, who happened to be just 1, made a severe mistake that she will never fail to recall.

After strapping Da’Merion inside her Jeep, the mother quickly ran back inside to take something. But when she returned, she noticed that her Jeep was vanished along with her son.

The worried family called up the Police department and they immediately issued an Amber Alert in Minnesota and started looking for the missing child.

God responded to the prayers and used an observant grandmother to help bring the boy home!

Grandmother Barbara Gusse has a desire for bird watching and on the very day Da’Merion went missing, God used her hobby and good timing to bring about a happy wind-up.

Barbara had just come inside from feeding the birds in her yard when her alert eye saw something odd out of the window. She spotted a white SUV idling in the parking lot of the church across the street.

Right at that point in time, the Amber Alert from Minnesota police came through her phone. The attentive grandma promptly recognized that the vehicle description in the alert matched the same vehicle in the church parking lot. She took her bird-watching binoculars and confirmed the license plate number was the same.

Barbara called up the police right away and waited by the window. As a grandmother herself, she couldn’t stop thinking about how she would feel if the lost child was one of her own.

Barbara rushed outside once the police reached. She could hear that baby crying and she started shaking and crying too. The 1-year-old child was safe and sound and he was the same one who went missing. The boy smiles when he was picked up by the Police.

As a safety measure, police sent the child to the hospital where doctors confirmed he was just well. But without the help of Barbara Gusse, the story could have had a very heartbreaking end. The event could have proved deadly if the abandoned vehicle had run out of gas.

The grandmother was so appreciative that the boy was all right and united with his mom and dad.

And while those involved are calling Barbara a star, the modest lady insists she is nothing of the kind. She answered that she is just another grandmother and certainly not a champion.

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