Sun. May 26th, 2024

On a bitter cold mid-February night in Wareham, Massachusetts, Sofia Andrade walked into a convenience store, bought a scratch-off ticket, and quickly won $200. She was thrilled and cashed it in right there on the spot. During her drive home, she was at a stop sign and spotted a man panhandling out in the frigid weather. So she called him over to her car and took him to a coffee shop to warm up.


His name was Glen Williams, and he told Sofia he had been homeless for the past three years. He was so overwhelmed by this kind stranger getting him out of the cold and buying him coffee… that he had a hard time not shedding tears. He told her that the local shelters had no beds to put him up, so he had to stay outside and try to survive the freezing weather on his own.

Then it hit Sofia…. that money she had just won on that scratch-off ticket less than an hour ago wasn’t meant for Her. Sofia used her winnings to set Glen up for a few days at a local motel. Then, she posted about her experience on Facebook and started a GoFundMe page for him.


Soon, a local barber offered to cut his hair for free; others offered him warm winter clothing and coats; and one little girl made him a Valentine’s Day card that said: “Know that you are loved this Valentine’s Day.”

Says Glen after all the help he received: “There’s a lot of good people in this world. I’m overwhelmed with all the help, and I just want to thank everybody.” 

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