Tue. May 21st, 2024

Shannon and Martin Fitzgerald are the parents of a beautiful one-year-old girl named Erin from Boston, Massachusetts. They will be busy with Erin’s amazing personality. She already dances at every opportunity at the age of one and mutters “with conviction.” If she has something to say, everyone will hear her story.

Erin may not have said a word yet, but she is gesturing. He muttered a message of encouragement and a gesture.

In a few words, he goes from a very serious tone to a slight smile. There are also moments of disbelief. Erin couldn’t believe the story she was telling; it must have been a roller coaster day! Erin is only a year old, but she knows how to tell great stories.

If you are interested in Erin’s story, you should watch her dance!
To showcase Erin’s fun and unique personality, all of Erin’s parents opened a TikTok account. Erin’s parents knew their daughter had to take the stage, and TickTock and YouTube gave her a shot. Their TikTok account has over six million likes and millions of accesses. Erin is not only a wonderful fairy tale, but also a fun dance move.