Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

A few days ago Mr Stewart celebrated his 22nd birthday. Today, this Down’s syndrome girl is a professional model. Her story, which we will tell today, will absolutely shockes you.

Madeleine is born in Australia. The doctors diagnosed the girl with a terrible diagnosis, so from infancy the child was also overweight.

In 2014, her mother took Madeleine to a fashion show, where she was simply enchanted by what was going on. The girl told her mother that she wanted to become a model. She realized that it was very difficult to break into this sphere, but she promised herself that she would do everything to help her daughter realize her dream.

The girl was so excited by a dream that she thought of changing her appearance. In the future, she changed her lifestyle, because previously Madeleine ate sweets all day, lying on the couch. A year later, she weighed twenty pounds less.

Mom, in turn, posted her daughter’s CV in diverse agencies. Surprisingly, already in 2015 the girl appeared on the catwalks for the first time. It seemed like she had been preparing for this fashion show all her life, because everything was so easy and simply.

In the future, the girl was noticed by many modeling agencies and invited to her shows in Paris, London, etc. Madeleine’s story has completely turned the sphere of the modeling industry upside down.

Now the model takes part in eighteen different projects per year. Madeline continues to dream of taking part in the Victoria’s Secret show.

What do you think, could a girl achieve such success if born in our country?