Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Lance Gross has no problem with Idris Elba refusing to call himself a “Black actor” … and while he isn’t necessarily hopping on that train, he’s definitely not down with labels.

We got LG out in L.A. Thursday and got his thoughts on the whole “Black actor” discussion … sparked by Idris declaring he no longer wants to be described that way because he feels it puts him in a box.

Lance and Idris

Lance tells us, he totally understands Idris’ point, and said his personal stance is pretty similar — “I’m an actor first, who happens to be Black.” Basically, he’s not parading the term either.

He also says he makes a point to tell his team to seek out roles that aren’t written just for Black folks, and that means he gets the “best of both worlds”.

For Lance, it’s all about doing the job well, rather than talking about his race.

idris elba tweet

One user fired back, “You only became as popular as you are because of BLACK AMERICANS, but instead of using your platform to speak UP for US, you promote acceptance of the status quo. I am DISGUSTED with you. Then again, Black Americans have historically been the ONLY group with BACKBONE.”

Of course, not everyone felt that way about his comments and some seem to agree, given how things have worked in showbiz, especially for Black entertainers … just take it from Lance.