Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

A Florida woman fought off an alleged sexual predator and gave him a major beatdown before she escaped to safety … and it was all caught on dramatic video.

Nashali Alma was working out in the gym at her Tampa apartment complex when trouble came to the door in the form of Xavier Thomas-Jones.

Thinking Xavier had forgotten his key pass to the fitness center, Nashali opened the door to let him in and went right back to lifting weights.

For the next 2 ½ minutes, Xavier strangely stared at a wall before turning to walk toward Nashali. All hell then broke loose.

Check out the surveillance video showing Xavier trying to grab Nashali, who pushed him away and ran off with her cell phone in hand.

But, Xavier chased Nashali around the gym as she tried to no avail to call 911 using her phone. Finally, Xavier caught Nashali, put her in a bear hug and threw her to the ground, attempting to commit a sexual act, cops said.

That’s when Nashali went all Mike Tyson on Xavier, pummeling him with right and left hooks. She also grabbed Xavier in a headlock and continued to use his head as a punching bag.

The two wrestled on the ground as Nashali allegedly pulled on Xavier’s beard, causing him severe pain. She then broke free and dashed out of the gym to contact the police.

Xavier was arrested the next day and charged with sexual battery and kidnapping. Cops said the attack occurred on January 22, but they only recently released the surveillance footage.Play video content

As for Nashali, she has been hailed as a hero. She thanked everyone who has reached out and supported her.