Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

It’s never a good idea to find yourself asking the same thing over and over again – everyone’s been there, someone left their dog’s poop on your doorstep, and parents left their kids behind. ‘they wanted in someone else’s house. It would be great if people learned to be respectful.

Croatian farmer Pavao Bedekovic suffered from this problem. He’s tired of people parking their cars on his property. They continued to use his lot as a parking lot – until his patience ran out.

They weren’t listening – so Bavao decided to do something! solved? I found it very surprising and funny!

Bavao lives and works on a farm in Croatia, and although the area is quite isolated, the place is still a small town, so it is always crowded.

Its neighbors organize a flea market which often attracts a large crowd. And with the money they bring, there is a problem – especially for Bavao.

He took matters into his own hands
Since many visitors come from far away, they have to park somewhere. And what could be better than an empty lot in Bavao? It is located next to the market.

But every time he kindly asked the owners to move their cars, they ignored him.

This situation happened every week. Ultimately, Bavao decided to take over. So he planned his revenge. He used his tractor on his farm plot – and he cut a wall of earth around the vehicles. The result? The cars could not get back on the road when their owners returned from the flea markets!

It was actually his, The drivers wanted to report it to the police, but because they were on Bavao’s property, it made the revenge sweeter.