Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

There are moments in our lives when we’re given the opportunity to be selfless and bless another soul. In this video, a Wheel of Fortune Contestant during Veterans’ week did just that when she purposely guesses the wrong letters to let a fellow veteran win the round. The classic game honors veterans on the show for special episodes each year. In this particular moment, three contestants are solving the final spin with the category of, “What are you doing?” It begins with Troy. He lands on $1600 and guesses the letter “T,” then to receive $3200 in his bank. Nura, the current leader is given a turn and she responds with the unlikely, “Z.” Steve guesses “R.” As the round gets back to Nura, she acts as if she cannot think of anything and misses her turn. When it comes back around she guesses, “Q.” Steve gets up to $3200 and when it gets back to Nura again, she yells out, “X.” The others are all continually startled by her letter choices. Ultimately, Steve solves the puzzle. The host comes over to Nura and says, “May I ask you a question? You called some unusual letters.” She responds, “That’s what I thought.” Nura smiles sweetly. Pat ends saying, “Well that was an unsatisfactory answer, but she’s not under oath. There’s nothing I can do, but she’s the big winner with $13,970.” Nura begins to cheer out loud joyfully. Her selflessness and generosity has gone viral with over one million viewers. Nura reminds us to look out for others. Steve was the only one without any money, and she could have easily won more. However, she chose to be generous and look towards his interests. Through the help of God, we can choose to look out for the needs of others too. “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4