Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Meet an 95-year-old woman who has spent 7 years of her life on a cruise ship.

Leona Wachtsätter has lived on a Crystal Serenity cruise ship for 7 years. This woman sold all her property and spent her savings to enjoy life the way she desired. And this was the best decision ever.

Her first cruise took place in 1962 and from that day on teh women felt how wonderful it was being on a ship and feeling the true colors of the ocean and life at teh same time.

This 88-Year-Old Woman Retired on a Cruise Ship

This woman serves as a perfect example for those who hesitate in making their desires come true.

“The crew members make sure that I am always happy. Some of them are already family to me. If they don’t have what I want, they will certainly find it. Even if they have to spend all their time on land during a layover to get it,” she says. On the ship, the retiree is referred to by no other name than “Mama Lee.”