Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

A driver behind the wheel of a Tesla was fast asleep as the car traveled along a busy California freeway … at least that’s the way it looks in footage shot from another car.

You gotta see the video … the Tesla driver is motionless as the electric vehicle zooms down Interstate 15 near Temecula, CA … and it looks like they’re sleeping, because they’re wearing sunglasses and their head is tilted back and their mouth is open.

tesla driver 3

The folks who shot the video are convinced the Tesla driver is out like a light … they say the Tesla zoomed past them Thursday when they noticed the driver was “knocked out,” remarking how dangerous the situation appears.

The concerned commuters reportedly followed the Tesla for 15 minutes, honking their horn to try and wake the driver before calling police, who never caught up with the vehicle.

California Highway Patrol says there were no reported accidents involving a white Tesla in the area at the time the video was shot … but the footage is still pretty scary.

Tesla has an autopilot function, but it’s illegal for drivers to be asleep behind the wheel when the car is on autopilot.