Sat. May 18th, 2024

Eminem‘s little girl — who has been the focus of many of his songs over the years — is all grown up … and prepping to walk down the aisle.

27-year-old Hailie Jade announced Monday that her boyfriend, Evan McClintock, popped the question … and she said yes. She threw up a little slide show capturing the sweet moment — which looked to be coupled with some champagne and snazzy winter wear.

Of course, she also showed off the rock on that finger … and it’s a beaut. Her caption … “casual weekend recap,” adding “i love you” while tagging Evan and tossing in emojis.

Not much is known about the guy or his relationship with Hailie — she keeps her life private, despite her famous dad. All we know is they’ve been dating for years — since at least 2016, it seems, when she first posted photos with him — and that Em seems to be cool with him.

eminem and daughter hailie

Slim acknowledged in a podcast appearance earlier this year that his kiddo was on a good path in life — having graduated college with a steady BF in tow — so, it sounds like Papa approves.

As we mentioned, Em has name-dropped Hailie many, many times in his raps … dating back to his heyday in the 2000s. He’s made clear time and again that he’s very protective and that he’d do anything for his daughter … even some shady stuff, if that’s what it takes.

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