Sun. May 26th, 2024

Hollywood, and entertainment in general, is a very fickle, hard-to-predict industry. What people like to watch and listen to today is not the same thing they were into yesterday or even the day before that. Most people are always looking for the latest and greatest thing. Knowing this is likely why one elderly actor appeared to be genuinely surprised and thrilled when fans began cheering for him.

Actors and actresses, as is the custom for most awards, will walk the red carpet, pose for pictures and do interviews. On occasion, they will glance and acknowledge the cheering fans with a wave or look. Most of the time when they do this, it appears fake and or forced. 

But actor F. Murray Abraham was genuinely surprised at the reaction he received from fans. He seemed to really appreciate their enthusiasm, as the video on Instagram shows

Prior to the recent 2023 Golden Globes award ceremony, F. Murray was walking by and the crowd started to cheer wildly. He stopped and smiled as his eyes grew big with delight and appreciation. 

The video shows him clapping and then blowing the group of fans kisses as he mouths “thank you.”

He then poses so the group of fans can get photos. He opens his suit jacket and turns from side to side. After a few seconds of playing to the crowd, he laughs to himself, waves at them and then continues on his way along the carpet.

F. Murray was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Television Series/Motion Picture for his role in the popular HBO show The White Lotus. 

Unfortunately, F. Murray did not win. But in an industry built entirely on getting people to believe that what is fake is real, it’s nice to see authentic, genuine reactions, surprise and appreciation from actors and actresses. 

Psalms 71:9 “Do not give me up when I am old; be my help even when my strength is gone.”