Sun. May 26th, 2024

When we think of love what might spring to mind is two young people falling in love for the first time or newlyweds, looking forward to spending their lives together.

But we live in an age where not many stay together forever and I think it’s those couples whose love and devotion have stood the test of time that we should think of when we think of love.

Those couples who have been through so much but stay loyal, supportive and kind to the end.

For one couple who had spent more than 60 years together, death had finally seperated them.

The husband’s last goodbye to his wife was shared by an onlooker who was so moved, not just by his love and loyalty but by his grace.

Losing a spouse after decades of marriage has to be one of the hardest things.

Having spent decades sharing your life with the same person to then not have that person by your side any more has to cause an undefinable sadness.

When an onlooker at a funeral witnessed a man called Bobby say goodbye to his wife of 59 years he was so moved he had to share it.

His story has been viewed over 40,000 times on social media and shared by thousands, all equally moved by the man’s devotion, love and strength: giving hope to so many couples in their own marriages.

Bobby arrived at his wife’s funeral early so he could have some time saying goodbye to her by himself.

“‘I know you can’t hear me,’” he whispered. ‘But, I love you.’ And his tears fell,” the post read.

“Family visitation was not scheduled for another hour or so, but he had come early. He wouldn’t squander these last few hours. For over 60 years she had been by his side, but it still wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough.

“So, he pulled up a chair and they sat.”

He didn’t leave her side, he rubbed her arms and patted her hands. It was if he was comforting her, but “the truth was, he was comforting himself,” the onlooker added.

Seeing the man not wanting to leave his wife’s side, even in death, creates such deep emotions in him as he empathizes with the man’s pain and wonders what life is going to be like moving forward.

“Tomorrow, after she is laid deep in the ground, and he returns to their home, what then? Her things will still be there – the smell of her skin, scribbled grocery lists, her favorite chair, leftovers in the fridge, their bed. Their bed.

“How does one sleep alone after 59 years of lying next to your best friend? I can’t imagine ever sleeping again.

“Today, I witnessed a story of love. And I shall witness it again tomorrow when the story finally ends, and the stage is empty, and the lights go dark.”

We all deserve to experience the kind of love that Bobby feels for his wife, even if it is so very painful in the end.

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