Sat. May 18th, 2024

When adopting a new pet, the initial intention is that the adoptee will be the animal’s permanent owner for the rest of their life. However, this doesn’t always go as planned. The owner may find that the pet isn’t a good fit for their household. Maybe the pet doesn’t get along with their children or their other pets at home. There are also cases where a person feels the need to give up their pet if they are too rambunctious or have no time for them.

Other times, an owner is unwillingly forced to give up their pet like, for instance, if they’re having financial difficulties or are moving somewhere where pets aren’t allowed.

Regardless of the reason, it’s still sad when an owner has to give up their pet. Cosmo the Saint Bernard is one example of many who was given up by his breeder and original owner. The reason, however, will forever remain a mystery. Although the canine was given up while he was still very young at the time he was surrendered to a Nebraska shelter, he surely must have been confused by the whole situation.

After being abandoned, the 129-pound, 2-year-old Saint Bernard was posted on the Hearts United for Animals website for adoption. The website described Cosmo as a “calm and mild-manned gorgeous gentle giant.” The listing also mentioned that the dog is very playful, is quite handsome, and walks perfectly on a leash. He certainly sounds like the whole package plus some!

Eventually, a woman by the name of Jayne saw the listing and knew she had to make him hers. Jayne and her husband were so confident that Cosmo was the perfect furry friend for them that they hopped on a plane from upstate New York to Nebraska to take him home with them.

Upon meeting Cosmo for the very first time in person, sweet Jayne began to cry. It was definitely love at first sight, and the couple bonded with him immediately!