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We live in a world where people would rather judge than understand.

Even the most beautiful people in the world would face judgment, harsh comments, and belittling.
Despite this sad reality, some people are doing their best to come forward and use social media to inspire, educate, and share happiness.

When Savannah Combs gave birth last May 12, 2021, her heart was filled with happiness.

They brought her twin daughters to her, and they were perfect.
Before she gave birth, Combs knew that her daughters were extra special.

Kennadi and Mckenli were Mono/Di twins. The girls had their own sacks, but they shared the same placenta.

Then, there was another surprise about these twins.

The little girls were diagnosed with Mosaic Down syndrome, which is very rare, making it 1% in 2 million.

The doctors already talked to Combs about her twins. The news didn’t bother her.

Instead, she felt glad and blessed every time the doctors would inform her that they were alive.

“Every [prenatal] appointment they were alive was a blessing to me,” Combs told TODAY.

Little Kennadi and Mckenli were born six weeks before their due date, making them premature babies.

The twins had to stay at the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville for almost two months.

Combs knew that many people would judge her and her babies, but for her, they were perfect.

She also clarified that her babies are just like all of us.
They laugh, they cry, they have their personalities and moods. Little Kennadi is always bubbly and happy. She describes her as a “ray of sunshine.”

On the other hand, Mckenli is the opposite of her twin sister. Combs described her as a total diva.

“They have feelings, they have beating hearts, they know how to talk, they know how to do things you do, and they will get there. Like I say, it may be a step behind, but they’re going to do it,” Combs said to News4Jax.

Comb’s TikTok videos went viral, and the twins gained many fans.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with their bubbly personalities? They are super cute too.

Despite knowing that her twins might get negative comments, Combs still wanted to be active on her TikTok account.
You may ask why?

For this first-time mother, all she wants is to educate people. According to her, no one should treat people with Down Syndrome differently.

Indeed, there are still people who try to comment negatively.

Combs tries her best to answer any questions and be understanding.
It’s not easy for her, but you can see how much her twins changed her life, and soon, they would change many others too.

The twins attend their speech, occupational and physical therapy weekly.

Of course, these cuties have been meeting all of their milestones.
We are so proud of this mom for being so sweet. She has allowed us to get a glimpse of her bundles of joy, and true enough, they will make you smile.

Remember, treat everyone with kindness.

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