Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

As Milo was the ugliest bunny of the litter he was sold to his owner for $25.

Sabrina was searching for furniture on Craigslist when she accidentally saw Milo and decided to buy him. Milo’s previous house was 2 hours away from Sabrina’s. When she and her husband decided to take Milo home they asked Milo’s owner why he was leaving his bunny. Soon they discovered that the bunny was being abandoned because of his ugliness and was disappointed.

As soon as Milo got home he began following Sabrina almost everywhere she went. They became so close to each other that Sabrina decided to join a bunny rescue nearby.

Soon Sabrina took other female bunny home from the rescue. She was named Luna and they became friends with Milo. Luna comforted Milo very much when Sabrina was away at work.