Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Sunny was an elderly cat that was adopted by a kind-hearted family. As soon as Sunny’s owners entered the shelter they knew that they would go home with Sunny as he managed to melt their hearts.

Cat ignores newborn for months then sneaks into crib late at night when he thinks no one’s watching

The poor cat had been living in teh shelter for more than 6 years and finally, these warmhearted people decided to adopt him. They created a strong bond and Sunny became their lovely family member. The order of the house changed a lot when Shannon introduced their newborn baby hazel Sunny.

Sunny showed no interest in the little girl. The owners put the crib on the floor so that Sunny could come closer and sniff the baby but everything was in vain. However, the lovely cat couldn’t stay indifferent for so long so after a few weeks, the owners revealed something very unusual in the cat’s behavior.

They checked the camera footage of the cat and discovered that when the little girl was asleep the cat climbed up into her crib and slept there. After they revealed Sunny’s secret the cat showed his great love and attention in front of the owners too.