Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Children love to sing and it’s the perfect way to develop their vocabulary while having lots of fun.

When this 2-year-old decided to sing he took on a legendary singer but, with his dad accompanying him on guitar, he even got through the whole song.

Thankfully someone was recording this little legend in action and he’s now an internet star.

As he sits with his headphones on and his dad playing guitar in the background, his timing is perfect as he starts Elvis’s “Can’t help falling in love.”

The baby crooner is still learning to talk but seems a natural when it comes to song lyrics.

His dad Steven Converse, a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and musician himself, decided to record his son and create a special family moment.

“To hear him, just like, memorize the words and sing it by himself was … kind of a special moment for us,” Steven said.

The talented toddler knows most of the words and even the words he doesn’t know he makes the sound perfectly.

It’s not only very impressive but unbelievable cute as he puts so much passion into his performance.

“Daniel’s first time trying the mic when he was still just 2. Begged to sing some Elvis. This video is still a daily watch for us at our house,” Steven writes with the clip of Daniel on Facebook.