Mon. May 20th, 2024

ucy is a sweet little girl with Down’s syndrome, but she was also an orphan for the first six years of her life. Living in an orphanage since her birth in her native China,

Lucy was one of dozens of lucky children with special needs who were brought to the United States on an adoption program. And since she was already so compatible with a passionate family, it was finally time for little Lucy to meet her new mom and dad.

Brent and Audrey Schock were eager to meet their new daughter. The couple were already parents of five biological children, and the couple eagerly awaited Lucy’s arrival as they walked through the gates of the Houston, TX airport.

It won’t take long for the long-awaited moment to arrive, and what happens next will make you cry.

As she escorts young Lucy off the plane, her eyes sparkle as she searches the sea of ​​people for her new parents. Audrey’s eyes turned to the little girl, and she clasped her hands over her mouth to contain the wave of emotions that had suddenly overtaken her. Rushing to his new daughter, the feelings of love are evident.

What the little girl does next will make you cry. Watch the moving moment Yatim meets his new mom in the video below – what an incredible moment filmed!