Tue. May 21st, 2024

Being exposed to something as serious as cancer will make any child grow up fast, especially because they have to have courage. “It was a blessing to see our children as children.” Mac’s mother, Danielle Porter, told ABC World News Tonight after seeing the two children reunite.

Danielle also told Today Parents that the first question little Mac asked each morning while the kids were apart: “When can I play with Payson?” It is clear that going through these difficult times binds the children and we hope that this bond will last for a very long time.

Tracy Altes, Payson’s mother, shared how people can learn a lot from children, especially how to deal with difficult situations. “In these scary and difficult times, it doesn’t matter, just keep an eye out for the kids because they will lead the way,” she said.

The story was shared by many national news stations and many people were touched by the preschoolers’ stories. One person commented on the footage of their reunion: “Go together. There’s strength in this. – Peace. Be safe.” Another wrote: “I am thrilled that these families can continue to live their lives now. These children will likely share a special bond for the rest of their lives.”

This story has become a source of hope and inspiration for many. On Facebook, another person responded to the video, writing, “It’s only when you start to believe there is no hope that two kids make you believe there is hope.” The story of Young Mack and Payson anime will continue to touch hearts as they grow up and I hope they remain friends.