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Welcome to a new Kids Game 2021. Try to guess the mobile apps depends on the Letters in the picture within the given time.There are 5 rounds here and you have 25/30 seconds to find the answer. you can pause if you want ??.

Can you find the Different Letters in this collection of Word? Try to find in challenge before the timer runs out. In each puzzle for kids, there is one Letter that is slightly different from the rest. You need to be quick and good with your eyes to complete each one and find the answer.

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Corneal Topography
Corneal topography refers to a unique photographic technique that maps the cornea. It helps detect distortions in the cornea’s curvature, which is smooth under normal circumstances. Doctors can also monitor eye diseases like astigmatism and scarring and plan for surgery. The test is recommended for people who need contact lenses after a refractive surgery.

You will sit facing a large bowl with lighted circles inside, resting your chin and forehead on a supportive frame for the most precise images. Your doctor will ask you to stare at a focal point while taking pictures of your eyes. The test is painless and only takes a few seconds.

Fluorescein Angiogram
Fluorescein Angiogram (FA) is a diagnostic test that utilizes a special camera to check and record the blood flow in the retina. It is instrumental in the management of macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. It does not involve direct contact with the eye.

An ophthalmologist will put drops in your eyes to widen the pupil for the exam. They will also inject a yellowish-colored dye in a vein in your arm. As dye reaches the tiny blood vessels, the eyes brighten, enabling a technician to snap detailed digital pictures.

Dilated Pupillary Exam
This is one of the most fundamental tests. Doctors consider it important for diagnosing, preventing and treating eye problems that could cause short- or long-term vision loss. The doctor dilates the pupils with drops, leading to a better view of the optic nerve and retina.

A refraction test comes during a comprehensive eye exam and measures your contact lenses or eyeglasses prescription.

During the test, you will sit in a chair and look through special equipment known as a refractor or phoroptor. You will then focus your vision on an eye chart 20 feet away. The doctor will move the lenses in the machine and ask you to identify the one that provides the most precise chart view.

Eye doctors consider regular refraction tests necessary for adults and children.

Slit-Lamp Exam
A slit-lamp is a microscope an eye care provider uses to shine light intensely into the eye for an enhanced view. Doing so allows them to examine the iris, cornea, lens and anterior chamber. The doctor may use eye drops with fluorescein dye to enhance the eye’s clarity to check for scrapes, infections, minor cuts, foreign objects and tears. The dye may temporarily increase your eyes’ sensitivity to light.