Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

A Houston man dining in a restaurant shot down a robber and then returned the money to the customers. The entire incident was caught by the CCTV cameras. The Ranchito #4 taqueria in southwest Houston was under attack by a robber who terrorized the customers. The alleged robber who was shot dead was identified by police Monday as 30-year-old Eric Eugene Washington. The attacker could be seen wielding a handgun and taking people’s possessions at gunpoint.

The footage shows that the Houston man dining at the restaurant with another man confronting the robber. The man fired the robber while sitting. The assailant collapsed near the front of the restaurant. However, the patron stood up, went to the front, and shot the robber once again point blank. The video shows at least nine shots being fired. No one else was injured in the horrific incident. The robber was wearing a black ski mask and all-black clothing. A local news outlet wrote, “CAUGHT ON VIDEO: A customer at a taqueria shot and killed a robber at the restaurant on S. Gessner in southwest Houston, police said.”

Houston Police Department released a statement post the incident. It read, “Witnesses told officers the suspect entered the restaurant and pointed a pistol at patrons as he demanded their money. As the suspect collected money from patrons, one of the patrons, described as a white or Hispanic male, produced a gun of his own and shot the suspect multiple times. The shooter collected the stolen money from the suspect and returned the money to other patrons. He and other patrons (victims) then fled the scene.”

Eventually, the police got a hold of the Houston man who came in for questioning. The police then released a statement. It read, “After consulting with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, it was determined the shooting will be referred to a grand jury. Since the male is not arrested or charged, his identity is not being released.”