Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

I’m John, this is my life story, how I became a popular young man in our town.

And so let’s start…

On a sunny day, on my way to school in the square I met a large crowd of people. There was no answer to the question of what happened, because the focus of everyone’s attention was my classmate Lana, who had been hit by a car, lying unconscious. My father was the first to help the poor girl. The girl was quickly transferred to the nearest hospital, where they provided appropriate help, and the latter, in turn, quickly recovered and was already attending school a week later. Lana was a beautiful, smiling girl who was loved by her classmates Brian and me.

Lana, well aware that it was my father who saved her, still considered me a failure and only interacted with Brian out of self-interest.

That was the reason Brian and me had a falling out.

We argued almost every day. Brian even allowed himself to make fun of me , because I loved to study.

Years passed…

Brian, being an uneducated and conceited young man squandered the entire fortune, disregarding his father’s years of hard work and his illness in recent years. Soon they were on the verge of bankruptcy. Unlike Brian, I had grown into an intelligent young man, with all human values. Knowing that Steven, Brian’s father, was ill and had no money to pay for the course of treatment, despite their disagreement, I helped him without hesitation, paying for the entire course and sending medicine and food.

Of course, the grateful Brian didn’t appreciate my act, but Steven blessed both me and my father.

People, don’t lose your human values, be kind.