Sun. May 26th, 2024

Gracious, hard to realize that time just rushes at a crazy speed and some of the idols of our youth have already exceeded 70 … Remember how after the film «Pretty Woman» all the young ladies were kicking the bucket for the handsome Richard Gere? In this way, he is 71 years old.

This year, the father of the actor turned 99 years old. On his Instagram page, he posted a gathering photo with his parent.

“Looks amazing”, “Lively grandpa”, “How cool”, “It’s happiness to be a youngster at 71”, “Long life to daddy”, “Beautiful”, “Gir is old or it appears to me?” Multiple fans wrote in the remarks.

Recall that in April 2018, Richard Gere got married. Alejandra Silva became his particularly favored one. The wedding took place in Spain, yet the actual celebration was held in New York. Silva has a youngster from a past marriage. On February 11, 2019, Richard Gere and his wife became parents. The couple had a kid, who was named after his mother — Alexander.