Thu. May 30th, 2024

A girl lives in the Chelyabinsk region — Kristina Yevtushenko, who had to experience all this.

Fate decreed that in two years she lost her parents. In a family with eight children, the girl was the oldest, and the youngest baby was only four years old.

Already at the funeral of the mother, social services became interested in this family, it was decided to distribute all the children to orphanages. Kristina’s heart was bleeding, well, how can they all be separated, what will happen to them, and where will she look for them all?

After thinking for a while, the girl said that she herself would be a guardian for her brothers and sisters, she would do everything to make them grow up together. Fortunately, the local authorities stood up for Kristina, and the guardianship service gave the family exactly half a year so that they could prove that they could live fully under the supervision of an older sister.

Kristina had to drop out of college and start working at home in the village. She had to take care of the farm, milk the cows, collect the children in the garden and to school. While the children were not at home, she cooked, cleaned, washed, etc.

Six months later, social services visited them again. They were able to make sure that the family lives well, everyone is clean, dressed, fed and the house is in order.

Kristina was able to organize the children and everyone had their own responsibilities: one of the boys had to feed the cattle, the girls helped in the kitchen, hung out laundry, could sweep. There were some inconveniences in the house, I had to go to the spring for water several kilometers away. After learning about this, the local authorities brought a water pipe to their house, and it became a real holiday.

Artem, the next oldest in the Yevtushenko family, entered a technical school in Chelyabinsk. So Christina decided, while she is watching the younger ones, let him get an education. When Artem came on weekends, he was engaged in “men’s work”: fixing something, nailing, repairing…

The state also did not leave children. Kristina receives an allowance for minors.

The neighbor says that sometimes Kristina comes to her to cry, because it’s very hard for her, but then she wipes her tears and goes to work, because she has no right to give up. She just wants to be a little, defenseless girl, too.