Sat. May 18th, 2024

One woman saw an unknown retriever dog in her yard when she returned from work. Because its fur was clean and well-groomed, it looked healthy, had a collar, and was also fat, it was obvious that the dog was not homeless.
It could also be said that pets have owners. The dog fell asleep immediately after the woman entered the house. It walked away quietly after it woke up.
The dog went home the next day. This continued for several more weeks. This behavior will make you smile.

“The dog began coming to my home almost every day. Because it was well-fed and well-groomed, it was easy to see that it was owned. After I had petted the dog, it followed me into my house and laid down on the rug. It then fell asleep soundly. When the pet was sufficiently tired, it came to me and I let it go out onto the street.The next day, the dog returned, greeted me and entered my home. He then went back to sleep. This continued for many weeks. I was curious and wanted to know why the dog behaved this way and its owner. I made a note and attached it on the collar of my pet.The following was written by me:

“I would love to know who the owner is of a beautiful retriever. Is it true that your dog visits me everyday, then sleeps on my bed at home for several hours before leaving?The pet returned the next day and I found a note on his collar saying, “We have six children.” The youngest of the six children is only three years old. The dog needs to sleep. If you’re fine with that, could I go with her tomorrow?