Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Perhaps everyone likes to give gifts – for someone it’s getting indescribable emotions, someone is amusing their own ego, and someone sincerely loves to see the joy of a loved one. Sometimes each of us asks the question: “what should I give my loved one for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary?” The heroine of today’s story asked the same question and definitely did not lose. Perhaps she gave her husband the best gift in his life! No matter how amazing it may be, but this story began more than 30 years ago. Chelsea Elliot’s future husband, Daryl Elliot Jr., was just getting ready to go to school, he was only 7 years old. But the boy was much superior to his peers.

He read books, was interested in the world around him and wrote his own stories. During the day he invented magical worlds, and at night he dreamed of writing glory in the future. At the age of 7, he wrote his first fairy tale, giving it an interesting title “Barney the boring Barumbus”. He created beautiful illustrations for her, invented an original world and wrote a really beautiful story about the importance of bringing kindness and affection into the world of other people. Daryl kept this book for decades: he showed it to friends, gave it to parents to reread, later read it to children at night instead of classic fairy tales. Of course, for a long time of use, the book managed to fall apart and fall apart into small parts.

Daryl was very upset. It was as if he had lost his best friend, with whom he had traveled a long way. It all started when he was small, and ended when he had already managed to have a family and become an adult. Fortunately, the beloved wife came to save her husband’s childhood dream. Chelsea Elliot had a great idea in her head – to give her husband an edition of his book with high-quality illustrations, beautiful layout, and a chic cover. She subsequently published it in this form. Without saying anything to her husband, she independently figured out the topic of printing, illustrated the fairy tale with her own hands. It is symbolic that she gave him his own book about Christmas for Christmas.

Of course, the writer was touched by such a gift – for some time he could not find the right words of gratitude and tears flowed from all those present. Chelsea was also glad to see such emotions of her husband. She was happy, beaming with happiness and did not believe that all this was happening in reality. If at that moment it would be possible to look at their sides, it would be difficult to understand who was eventually presented with a present. Is this an ideal situation to think again about what is more pleasant, to receive a gift or to give? Now the Elliot family can not only read to children a fairy tale about Christmas, but also delight them with beautiful pictures from a winter fairy tale. They are as happy as their father and mother.

By the way, Daryl, apparently, will have to seriously puzzle over his next gift to his wife for a birthday or New Year. However, it will be very difficult to surpass such a miracle! In a word, a real Christmas fairy tale. Remember, we mentioned that the fairy tale “Barney the boring Barumbus” tells about the importance of kindness? It’s funny, but his message played out on him enough. His wife gave him kindness