Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Recently, a lot has been said about mercy and compassion, and mainly it concerns representatives of the human race. But then what remains to be done for a beast in a difficult situation, which, apart from human help, has nothing else to count on? In our story, thanks to the caring attitude and sympathy for someone else’s misfortune, the main characters managed to save the animal from death and help it survive in the wild.

It happened on the banks of one of the rivers of Eastern Siberia, at the time when the timid northern spring comes into its own. On a May morning, a group of tourists from four people went hiking in order to spend a weekend in the fresh air in a friendly atmosphere. With them, the young people took an inflatable boat and a pair of spinning rods to fish and just swim on occasion. Having overcome several kilometers of rough terrain, the tourists decided to set up camp in a rather picturesque place by the river. While the female part of the group was enjoying the photo shoot, the guys began to build a fire and set up a tent on the shore.

All this time, the young people did not even suspect that someone’s pair of eyes was watching them closely. In search of good angles, the girls walked along the shore, talking animatedly. Unbeknownst to themselves, they moved away from the camp at a decent distance when they suddenly felt someone’s gaze on them. The girls turned around and saw that standing on a huge boulder, a real wolf was looking at them. From surprise, the travelers screamed shrilly, which made the guys who were engaged in the arrangement of the camp seriously alarmed. Meanwhile, the wolf showed no signs of aggression and seemed to have lost all interest in tourists.

Having coped with the initial shock, the girls began to examine the forest predator with interest. It is worth saying that even for an ignorant person, it was clear that the wolf was very old and in an extreme state of exhaustion. His fur shone silver, and in some places it stuck out in shreds. The sunken sides of the predator and the piercing, full of unspeakable longing look made the hearts of the girls shudder sympathetically. At that very moment, somewhere nearby, the alarmed voices of the guys were heard. They, having overcome the distance separating them from the scene of events in one throw, hurried to come to the aid of their companions.

In their hands, the guys clutched tourist hatchets, with which they intended to repel any hostile aggression. But when they saw the old wolf, their hands dropped by themselves. Young people, it became insanely sorry for the feeble predator, who, apparently, deliberately strayed from the pack to die alone. The proud beast understood that he would become a burden to his relatives, and therefore, he acted as his ancestors had done for thousands of years. The tourist guys, without a word, went back to the camp to take some provisions and feed the old wolf. All this time, the girls were with him.

Realizing that a person wants to help him, the predator behaved meekly and never showed his animal nature. When the guys came back, they brought with them a plastic bucket with finely chopped pieces of meat, which they took to cook shish kebab. Having laid out a treat in front of the wolf, the tourists moved aside, unable to look into his eyes full of frozen tears. That day, for the first time in several days, the solitary predator ate his fill. It is worth adding that, after that, the wolf did not turn into a faithful house dog and did not wag his tail.

But returning to their camp, the young people felt his gaze full of gratitude and respect for a long time. Of course, many will call this act reckless and inappropriate. After all, any contact with a wild animal one way or another is fraught with great danger. But on the other hand, mercy towards animals has not been canceled and everyone has the right to do as his conscience and beliefs tell him. And what do you think, friends? If you liked this story, please like it, write your comments and share it with your friends.