Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Hello dear friends, I wanted to tell you about my success story. First, my name is Dia, I am already 35. I am from Australia.

When I was a little child, I always took my mother’s clothes and sewed them so that I could wear them by the way I wanted. But every time I did it my mother was in shock, though she never banned me to do what I wanted to. I would like to say that what I did I did well that’s why everyone were amazed that a tiny girl like me was able to make such amazing creatures…

I think you have already understood that in my childhood my dream was to be a fashion designer and that was in my genes, because my grandmother was a designer too. I pursued my dream and turned into reality and at the same time now I want to inspire millions of people.

Now I am the owner of a brand named – ‘Dia and her chicness with old and new.’ My brand is about collections of clothes with ancient and modern touch so that people could bring ”old” to new days but maintain their modern style…To be honest I am a self-made woman. All that I have achieved today is on the basis of my talent, skills.

I always was very patient, because when I graduated from school it was very hard to afford for the college and then the university, but I did it on my own working hard at night, doing every kind of job in the nearby restaurants…now you can think that my parents could help me, but…it’s my weakness…I lost my parents when I was 17 and, you know, it was hard, but I followed my dream, because I knew that my parents could be very happy if they saw me achieving my goals. I have that picture in front of my eyes when my mom’s face was very happy when she saw my creatures. That gave me a lot of strenght and of course patience.

One day I rented a little place for doing my everyday design work, I even designed the surface of that place on my own and with my creative mind, and everyone passing by was interested what I was doing there because I worked all day and night.

One day a man came interested in my job and because he was from abroad and didn’t know anyone to make a suit for him, I promised to sew a magical suit for him in 2 days. He was from Scotland, I knew their traditions and sewed a suit that had both modern elements and their traditional old style. He was amazed and paid so much money for that suit, I didn’t event expect it. After I knew that he was a famous journalist and wrote an article about me. Afterwards a lot of people were coming day by day to have clothes made special from me. And that’s it, now I have what I have.

Now I already have enlarged my business, have lots of workers and I am famous not only in my country for my ”old-and-new clothes” and for making every single person feel comfortable wearing at least a few elements from their ancient modern.

I hope my story will motivate you keep your goals and become what you really want.