Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

My mother-in-law always disliked me because I didn’t get a higher education. I wasn’t that bad at school, my parents just didn’t have the ability to pay the rent, I didn’t want them to get into loans because of me, and I liked the beauty industry better, so we decided to go into that direction. Now I’m a makeup artist, I work in a salon and I don’t make bad money.

But at the same time, my mother-in-law does not miss the opportunity to berate me for not having an education. She herself is a teacher, and always says that a man who has not received a higher education, does not understand much, can not bring up the child, or normally communicate.

One day I could not stand it. She kept saying the same thing and compared me to her daughter, that she was very good because she had an education, and I was uneducated.

I couldn’t help myself and said, at least I have my favorite job, and your daughter, who has higher education, can’t find a normal and profitable job. I said that I earn very good money and help my husband.
She finally understood that education is not always important for a person, and after my words, she did not bring it up again.