Tue. May 21st, 2024

Halloween is a magical time for children, as they can plunge into a fun world for the whole day and dress up in something completely different, not to mention the sweets that they receive and enjoy.

Every year, kids dress up for the celebration.They usually wear what is famous this year, for most boys it will be a superhero, an animated series character or maybe a zombie.

But this boy decided who he would be , but he could not buy such a suit in more than one store .

“We left two costume stores empty-handed, he didn’t want to buy any of the costumes,” an Imgur BScribbs user wrote about her son.

“On Sunday evening, I told him to choose his favorite character, and I’ll make him a costume the next day,” she added.

When it was time for a treat, his mother wrote: “No one knew what my son was wearing, and it didn’t bother him.”

The hero of this boy whom he equaled is his dad. “His father works late, and he has almost no days off. He runs the kitchen in a restaurant and comes home every night dirty, smelly and exhausted. He works very hard to take care of his family.”

“But he is so proud of his son, and it was clear when my son rang every doorbell and shouted to strangers all night “Trick or treat – I’m my dad!” that he was also really proud of his father.

It’s so fun to watch how some children, instead of ordinary heroes, have their most beloved and unique hero-their dad.It just shows you that heroes don’t have to wear a cape to be the most important thing in a child’s life.