Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ was an endless flow of crazy dramas with the talented cast and Carol as the instigator. Harvey Korman and Tim Conway partook in an exemplary production where they duel on pianos.

Harvey completes his song wearing a wild dim hairpiece and mustache. He tends to the audience in a French pronunciation. He advises them to give money to oppressed kids so they can figure out how to play piano as well as he does.

A more youthful understudy, played by Tim Conway, carries out a piano close to Harvey’s, and Harvey says he will two part harmony with one of his understudies. Tim’s hairpiece is dull with enormous twists, and the audience cherishes the appearance of the two entertainers.

The two of them offer each other the opportunity to sit first, and they wind up battling about it until Tim at last plunks down in anger. He continues to break each finger gradually and noisily and even stops and breaks his nose.

Tim attempts to raise and lower his seat to the ideal level while turning on it. Then, at that point, Harvey starts playing, and Tim is confounded, gazing at him. Tim shows Harvey his music, and they have various songs.

Tim starts to play the other song, and Harvey lashes out and quiets him down. Tim approaches Harvey’s piano and throws out the leg, making his piano fall. Tim starts to play his song, and Harvey strolls over and breaks the music holder over Tim’s head.

Tim takes a gander at the audience cross-looked at while they snicker. Tim hops on Harvey’s piano while he plays, and with each note Harvey hits, Tim skips. Harvey takes a gander at Tim with a grin, hits a lot of irregular notes on the double, and Tim goes flying from the one piano and collides with the other. It is a definitive piano duel performed by two masters of parody!