Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

I have been married for three years. I have a wonderful family, one and a half year old son, and I love him dearly. I thought I would always be this happy until I noticed some strange signs. At first I had dizziness and nausea, then weakness, constant fatigue… I didn’t pay attention to any of this until one day I fainted in the street and ended up in the hospital.

It turned out that I had some health problems, avitaminosis, signs of overexertion, and if I didn’t pay attention to them, there could be more serious problems. And no matter how much I insisted on being treated at home, my mother-in-law made me stay in the hospital and be seen by doctors.

My mother-in-law took care of me, ran home to my baby, fed him, did everything around the house, and then came to me.

You may wonder why no one else came to me. It’s just that my parents live abroad, and my husband was on a business trip at the time. Although they were worried about me too and were constantly calling and asking, they couldn’t be there for me and take care of me. Indeed, had it not been for my mother-in-law with her motherly love and affection, I could have been worse off. But thanks to her I am now healthy and already home. I am so grateful to her for what she did, I will be grateful to my dear mother for the rest of my life.