Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

I am a photographer by profession, mostly shooting weddings. I have quite a bit of experience, I’ve shot a lot of weddings and interacted with all kinds of people.

I recently had to photograph a wedding and the day made a big impression on me. The bride and groom looked like a very loving couple. I thought everything was normal until I walked into the next room and saw the bride kissing another guy.

I left unnoticed so I wouldn’t be noticed, but I was in shock. On the very day of the wedding, the bride was kissing her lover, who was a friend of the newlyweds.

I, of course, remained silent and said nothing, but since I knew the bride and groom’s Facebook pages, I decided to follow up and see how their married life turned out. It’s been three months, and this “faithful” bride writes statuses and posts pictures almost every day, with love and family as the main theme.

On these social sites you look at couples who love each other and think how happy they are, but in reality, very often underneath these fake pathos statuses and photos is a lie.