Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

I am a soldier. We were on the battlefield. No matter how patriotic you are or how high your morale is you still get tired and want to go home.

The news came that help was coming. I took one carton of cigarettes from the big box that was sent. I wanted to open it, but I felt some other paper stuck to the box. I opened it. it was a letter.

“My brave soldier, I am proud of you, whoever you are. I know you think a lot about the days of peace now, but until you fight, there will be no peace. It’s turbulent here, even hundreds of miles from the front lines. You will bring peace. Fight and win, I believe in you and only you.” – it says in the letter.

I kept this letter close to my heart on the battlefield. Stranger, whoever you are, you gave me the strength to live, the spirit to fight. Thank you.