Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Recently a young mother caused a debate on TikTok when she uploaded a time-lapse video of her daughter.

She posted the clip on the account under her daughter’s name Lara (@laraticaofficial), in which she showed her daughter lying on the hospital bed when she was just a day old, and then suddenly, the footage showed that she was four months old.

The video was posted with the caption, “1 Day VS. 4 Months.”

She also wrote that “The time past too fast. Missing you being this small.”

While it was just a “Then” vs. “Now” video for her, the viewers noticed something that caused a stir on the platform.

In the clip, her one-day-old daughter, baby Lara was wearing ear studs. And then, when the clip switched and showed 4-month-old Lara, the studs were gone, and now she was wearing silver hoops in her ears.

The video received nearly 1.1 million views and thousands of comments. Most people didn’t like that the baby got an ear piercing when she was just one day old and criticized the mother for being cold-hearted.

“How could a mom do this to a one-day-old? I’m shook.” A comment said.

“Wait, so they Pierce her ears in the hospital?” A user wrote.

“The baby was still in the damn hospital bed but had earrings on??? What is this behavior?!!!” Another user commented.

“So do they pierce the ears before they cut the cord?” another sarcastic viewer said.

“How is that ear piercing even legal?” an agitated commenter asked.

While most comments were full of questions and sarcastic remarks, some praised her daughter’s cuteness and complimented the baby for looking gorgeous in those ear studs.

“Literally in awe of how beautiful she is; she looks almost unreal!” A girl commented.

Some also defended the mother by saying they had done the same as it’s a part of some cultures.

“You all are so judgmental! In my culture, we pierce as infants. I have three daughters and had theirs pierced; none flinched nor had any problems.” A mother wrote under the video.

“I am in America, and my ears were pierced just like this…” commented another.

According to the Newsweek reports, the woman belongs to Columbia. She didn’t reveal her name, but while talking to the outlet, she said that she didn’t care about what people thought of her and did what she thought was suitable for her daughter.

“There are a lot of mischievous comments ‘Why did I pierce my little girl’s ears so young?’ Well, the answer is because I wanted to and that it is possible in our country. I think a few days after birth is much more non-traumatic for a child to pierce their ears than when they are one or two. Lara had no reaction when the doctors gave her the holes.”

The young mother also stated that babies have softer ear lobes and do not feel any significant pain, as her daughter didn’t even move when it was done, as reported by The Daily Mail.