Sun. May 26th, 2024

I was in debt because of my son, he was gambling, there was no way we could deal with it. One day I woke up and saw he wasn’t home. A month later he called me and asked me to run away because if I stayed, the creditors would do something bad to me.

I was threatened every day. In fact, he didn’t even tell me where he was, maybe he was scared.

After living in this situation for several months, I realized that I had to sell my house to get rid of this debt. So finally I decided to sell my house. But that day my mom got up in the morning and asked not to sell the house. In her dream I was homeless. I decided to call the buyer and say him that I was not going to sell my house.

Mom said not to be afraid of debtors. ”Next time they come to you, tell them that I will call the police”. I did the same, and I’m very glad my mother listened to me, otherwise I would be living on the street right now.