Sat. May 18th, 2024

The other day, journalist Nicolás Krumm was on the ground in Chile to report on a recent robbery when — quite unexpectedly — he became a victim of one himself.

The culprit in this case was none other than a bird.

While the camera rolled for Krumm’s report on news station CHV Noticias, a parrot passing by evidently saw an opportunity for ill-gotten gain. And she took it.

The parrot flew in and landed softly on Krumm’s shoulder. But it didn’t stay a Disney princess moment for long.

Without warning, the parrot then grabbed the earbud Krumm was wearing — then fled.

The little bird’s crime couldn’t have been more brazen, especially given that it was all caught on tape.

Yet she seemed to have no regrets.

Fortunately, Krumm took the theft in stride and was able to finish delivering his report. Later on, with the help of the cameraman, Krumm actually managed to recover his stolen earbud, which had been dropped on the ground nearby.