Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

James Woods has never been a fan of “The View.” When cohost Joy Behar claimed crime was “actually going down” under Democrats, the veteran actor took to social media and brought “the receipts” on crime to put her on blast.

Joy Behar made headlines across the country when she claimed that crime was “actually going down” under Democrat control during an episode of The View. James Woods, who has made it clear he is a proud conservative, couldn’t help but respond to Behar’s allegations by blasting her on Twitter.

According to reports, Behar argued that crime has been down since Joe Biden and the Democrats took control in 2020. “I’d like to remind everyone, that it was not the Democrats who stormed the Capitol that day and tried to kill the vice president, okay?” Behar said. “And the Republicans now, coming up to the next election … all they do is talk about crime, crime, crime.”

“I looked it up, murders in major cities have fallen by 4% so far in 2022, compared with the same period a year ago,” she declared. “So crime is not on the rise, it’s actually going down under Joe Biden.” That claim didn’t sit well with James Woods, who took to social media to post three consecutive tweets.

One tweet shows a video of Joy Behar making her remarks on crime with an added background of a chart titled: “2020 Saw Unprecedented Murder Spike In Major U.S. Cities — All Under The Leadership Of Leftist Democrats.” The tweet was sourced to Axios which reported, “Compared to mid-year figures from 2019, homicides increased approximately 50% for the group of 70 jurisdictions surveyed, and aggravated assaults rose roughly 36%.” Axio’s crime report also states “violent crime spiked 4.2% from Jan. 1 to June 30th of 2022, in comparison to the same timeframe last year.”

Another post by Woods shows an additional crime rate chart titled “Top Homicide Rates of Cities in the United States.” It shows the top 15 cities in one column with the homicide rate next to it along with demonstrating that all have been in control of a Democrat mayor for years.

Woods posted yet another tweet with the same homicide crime rate chart minus the video clip of Behar to make his point to anyone who missed it. Lastly, he trolled The View cohost with the video clip once again but used the hashtag #InTheirOwnWords along with a clown face emoji.

There is no doubt James Woods was on a mission to publicly humiliate Joy Behar, whose remarks on crime were also on the minds of many Americans. “If you live in a secure building, have personal shoppers, work in a secure building with security in the parking garage and watch the fake news you too can feel safe…crime is only for the poor,” posted one critic in response to Behar’s statement.

“Here in Columbus Ohio, we had a record number of murders in 2021. So for Joy to then say murder is down in 2022 is a horrible ‘analysis,” wrote another viewer while another follower of James Woods weighed in on Behar, posting, “The Left love to fabricate their facts, it’s so much easier than research (especially when any ‘research’ instantly destroys their narrative).” And, yet another Behar critic sarcastically wrote, “But it is all Trump’s fault right?”

This wasn’t the only time The View weighed in on crime in America. According to Fox News, cohost Sunny Hostin argued that New York City is “one of the safest cities” in the U.S. “New York is one of the safest cities in the country. It has a $5 billion budget,” Hostin said after arguing that the Republican plan to deal with crime was “fearmongering.”

Behar also tried to argue that the latest crime rates under the Democrats aren’t accurate. “For me, statistics is what rules the day, that’s how I operate,” she said. “Right now there is an issue with our statistics, which is why our 2021/2022 [crime] rates are off nationwide because the FBI changed how to register the crimes, how to book them, how to process them.” According to The Hill, crime is one of the biggest considerations for American voters with sixty-eight percent saying it’s a “very important” issue when they go to the polls.