Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

A little girl and her older sister were enjoying a day of fun in the sun, swimming in the creek, when the unthinkable occurred. A freak accident almost cost the child her life, but her fighting spirit and a series of miracles kept her going.

Sarah Faulkner and her family loved spending time together at Loretta Lynch’s Ranch in Tennessee. It was a seemingly perfect weekend in August, and they had no idea that their lives were about to change forever.

While the family watched a motocross race, two Faulkner sisters decided to go swimming. While in the water, something shocking happened to seven-year-old Sarah.

Sarah recalled a heavy force landing on her back and pushing her down into the water. Immediately, she realized she couldn’t move certain body parts anymore, including her arms.

On August 6, 2022, an unknown teen jumped from a rock higher up, intending to land in the water, but accidentally made contact with Sarah. The seven-year-old needed emergency care and someone ran to call her family.

Dad Tre Faulkner said: “Somebody came running and yelling at us that Sarah had been in a bad accident … Our hearts sunk.”

Sarah’s family asked friends, family, and strangers to pray for their precious girl. In an update posted on September 3, they shared some news.

By the time the father arrived at the creek, Sarah was being prepped to be airlifted by emergency services. Before she was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Tre remembered she asked him:

“Daddy, am I going to die?”

It was a painful and emotional moment for the father, but he reassured his little girl that she would be okay. However, doctors confirmed the parent’s worst nightmare at the medical facility—Sarah was paralyzed from the waist down.

Doctors told the family that nobody with the same fractures and injuries had been able to walk again. It was a grim prognosis, but it didn’t dampen little Sarah’s positivity.

Surrounded by her supportive family, she remained strong, and her dad added that she barely shed a tear. He shared:

“Since the beginning, we’ve been praying and believed God is going to heal her and raise her up.”

The brave girl’s family relied on their faith in God during the heartbreaking and unexpected ordeal. Tre believed his daughter would walk again, and everyone prayed for a miracle.

A GoFundMe page was set up to assist with Sarah’s extensive medical expenses and physical therapy. By October 25, more than $32,000 had been donated, and the family was grateful. On their page, a loved one wrote:

“We believe in a God that is bigger than any report, and we’re praying that God heals this sweet girl!”

Sarah’s fighting spirit was inspiring, as was her heart for others. At only seven, she displayed immense maturity, donating some of her gifts to other kids at the children’s hospital.

Sarah’s family asked friends, family, and strangers to pray for their precious girl. In an update posted on September 3, they shared some news — Sarah felt something during her physical therapy, which indicated progress. The post stated:

“Therapy is going well and she has had moments where she says that her feet hurt. Even though no one wants to see their child go through any kind of pain, this is actually exciting news! Please keep praying!

Netizens and community members were eager to pray for the little girl. Many people also commended her bravery and strength during the challenging time:

“That is one strong little girl right there. Praying for your healing sweetheart. You are going to do it because God is going to do it for you. I can do all things through Christ … who strengthens me!!! Phil 4:13.”

“Sarah’s story has touched my heart. I check for her updates and am praying with expectation for her healing and your family. I know God is moving in big ways for her and all things will work together for good.”

“Precious Sarah, you are already a miracle. You press on, you fight hard and you smile BIG! You are changing the world sweet Sarah, your smile, your faith, [and] your courage, [are] touching many in the name of Jesus.”

Sarah’s story isn’t finished yet, and we send her our thoughts and prayers as she continues to heal and fight. May God strengthen her family and work a miracle in this angel’s life.

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