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The royal family has been in the headlines for decades. After the tragic passing of Princess Diana in 1997, the world continued to pay close attention to the royals. Princess Diana left behind two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William met his wife, Kate Middleton, and they now have three beautiful children. First, the couple had Prince George, followed by Princess Charlotte, and most recently, Prince Louis.

Louis was born on Apr. 23, 2018, at the same hospital where William was born, London’s St. Mary’s hospital. The prince, who emerged at around 11 a.m., was a healthy 8 pounds, 7 ounces.

Beyond being the youngest of the Cambridge bunch, Louis is special in other ways, too. Louis is just fifth in line for the throne, preceded by grandfather Prince Charles, father William and siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Interestingly, Louis was the first male-born heir who would not precede his older sister in the royal succession.

Louis is an unusual contender for the title of Duke of Edinburgh, as the late Prince Philip notably wanted his youngest son Prince Edward to inherit it, as the Daily Mail reported. In fact, prior to Prince Edward’s marriage to his wife, it was officially stated that the Prince, lacking any royal dukedom or another title, would inherit his father’s once Philip had passed.

Being the baby of his family, Prince Louis is a fan favorite amongst the royals. Not only is he a darling little boy, but he is also one of the world’s favorite royal family members. Through his photos over the years, you can tell that Prince Louis is the charmer of the iconic family.

Louis’ birth was a monumental occasion, celebrated not only by the Cambridge household but the rest of the royal family and even their home country. According to Royal UK, parents William and Kate made sure to include their two eldest children in welcoming their third child. George and Charlotte visited Louis on the very day he was born.

A few days later, on Apr. 27, 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that they had agreed upon a name for their youngest prince, naming him Louis Arthur Charles. According to Royal UK, his formal name is His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. Louis’ birth was registered just a few days later, and William and Kate quickly began releasing photographs of their youngest child.

In July that same year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their son, Louis, baptized at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace – a tradition that many families in the royal family have followed for generations.

Since then, the tiny prince has started to slowly grow up right before our very eyes. As the years progress, Louis has started to show more of his personality and has made headlines all around the world for his cheeky behavior and adorable facial expressions. He must have some great role models to look up to in his parents, as they have instilled some strict rules for their entire Cambridge family while still making sure the kids get to have fun and feel as normal as possible despite being in line for the succession of the throne.

Looking at the interactions between the members of the Cambridge family, it’s easy to see that William and Kate really do care for their children. This is especially seen through their positive body language.

Patti Wood, who has both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Body Language and Nonverbal Communication, has analyzed the royal family before, and she talked with Insider about her discoveries in June 2019. She first explained William and Kate have exemplified positive body language over the years, from showing relaxation around one another to smiling happily with each other. At times, they have shown that they are “clearly confident and relaxed in the relationship.”

When looking at their interactions with Louis when he was born in April 2018, Wood explained how the royal couple still showed a great desire for one another. In a photograph taken on the steps outside St. Mary’s Hospital, Wood noted how William and Kate were “looking at the baby, but not leaning in as a couple,” leading to a “desire to get closer” to each other.

When speaking with Good Housekeeping in January 2018, body language expert Blanca Cobb talked about how the couple’s body language was proof that they are indeed the backbone of their family. “Overall, their attentive body language indicates that they’re in tune to their children’s emotional needs,” she said.

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