Thu. May 30th, 2024

One thing we’re always told to do in order to maintain optimal health is to stay hydrated.

Water keeps us feeling good.
In recent years, especially during the pandemic, most of us have used our extended time to do our research on how to be healthier.

Carl Petite, the owner of Columbia Water Gardens, is one of the many who did his research about how we can strengthen our immune system.

This led him to distilled water.
You may have seen this label on bottled water in grocery stores, but how familiar are you with the benefits of distilled water and its difference from regular water?

How do you define distilled water?
When water is distilled, it’s in its purest form.

It no longer contains bacteria, pesticides, or even contaminants.

Distilling the water removes all of those impurities.

However, the process also removes the needed minerals in the water, such as calcium, potassium, and even magnesium.

Distilled water benefits amazed Carl.
The major benefit that we will get from distilled water is removing all those contaminants from tap water.

When we are all in crisis, the last thing we want is to drink water with contaminants, right?

However, he reminds his viewers that we all need to do our own research and he’s merely sharing what he knows.

Carl also explained that we can’t survive on distilled water alone.

We can incorporate it in our diets.

Once you do, expect to reap benefits.

Help prevent kidney stones
Improve bodily functions
Help protect teeth from excess fluoride
Reduce disease

Carl was so happy to share that he made distilled water from the comfort of his own home.

His tutorial is so helpful.
It’s really easy to follow; you will only need the following:

Large pot
A bowl that fits inside the pot
A curved (tempered) glass lid that bigger than the pot
Measuring cup

Fill your large pot with 1/3 tap water.

Turn on the heat and set it to boil.

Make sure that there is enough water for your bowl to float.

Place your oversized lid upside down on your pot.

Cover the pot right away.
Wait for the magic to happen.

How does this work?
This bowl will serve as a receptacle to collect the distilled water.

As the water boils, it will become steam and the vapor will collect on the lid.

Because the lid is curved, as the steam condenses, the water droplets will roll toward the lowest point of the lid.

As long as the bowl is directly under this point, the water will drop into the bowl, and that’s distilled water.

Once the bowl fills, it’s time to collect the water.

Here’s where the ice comes in.
To speed up condensation, place a laayer of ice on top of the lid.

As soon as the steam hits the cold glass, it will condense back into water.