Tue. May 21st, 2024

Sometimes it’s opening a door or offering a chair, but one teen showed respect when he made time to fill up tires with air. And there may just be a rhyme in there!

Moms all over the world love validation for a job well done. Well, 40-year-old Beverley Fry, mother of 16-year-old college student Alvie Armer, enjoyed a healthy helping of reassurance after she learned of her son’s recent show of kindness to an elderly lady.

While out and about riding their mopeds, Alvie and his buddies stopped at a gas station in their hometown of Leyland, located in Lancashire County, England.

Alvie filled up his tank and was waiting for a friend when he noticed an elderly woman at the air machine “clearly struggling” to put air in her tires. Realizing that she wasn’t doing it correctly and might inadvertently deflate her tires entirely, Alvie offered his help.

Afterward, Alvie went about his business without sharing the incident with anyone. Alvie was doing what he viewed as the normal, natural thing to do.

“It’s just a nice thing to do, isn’t it? It’s just respectful to treat the elderly people with respect. Loads of people don’t, and it was better to just make her have an easier life, so that was my first instinct. It was quite easy for me to help her,” Alvie explained later.

But, even though Alvie didn’t see his actions as exceptional, one witness certainly did.

After observing Alvie’s kindness to the senior citizen, another customer at the gas station that day posted on Facebook about how Alvie filled up the woman’s tires with air. Impressed by the young man’s initiative and consideration, the individual wrote that Alvie is “a credit to both his parents and himself.”

Alvie’s mom happened to see the post, but it wasn’t until later that she learned it was her son that had earned such high praise. Beverley said, “I was really proud and happy. It’s nice to see that they’ve listened and that they do.”

Respectful, observant, kind, and humble. Beverley Fry seems to have raised a young man with at least those four awesome traits! Well done, Mum!