Sat. May 18th, 2024

When the “Cagney and Lacey” actress Tyne Daley first married her husband, Georg Stanford Brown, they both knew it would be a controversial union. But the two were very much in love, and public opinion wouldn’t stop them.

Neither Tyne’s nor Georg’s parents had any problems with the marriage, which made things easier. But they both knew that race would play a role in their lives even though they themselves didn’t consider it influential. Tyne knew that if they divorced, people would claim it was because of the racial aspect.

Tyne and Georg met each other when she was 17. Two years later, at the age of 19, the yet-to-be actress decided that she would marry him. Since then, the two have stuck together despite the occasional bout of professional jealousy. The couple made a taboo marriage work and had three children they adore.

Tyne has always been a strong personality and never hid her opinions. In this vein, a few years into their marriage, the actress decided their vows “to love, honor and obey” were old and irrelevant. So, since the vows didn’t apply anymore, she stopped wearing her wedding band for a while.

Other than this, the couple rarely had severe conflicts. Sometimes the two would get competitive over their jobs, and Georg didn’t like her role of “Dirty Harry” Callahan’s sidekick in “The Enforcer,” but Tyne played her anyway. But then, after 24 years together, things changed.

At the age of 50, after two decades of marriage, Georg turned life on its head by requesting a divorce. After all the prejudice and hardships the couple faced, the two got a divorce in 1990. Tyne said that men become scared when they turn 50 and attributed the divorce to this fear.

Tyne and Georg were both thrilled to be parents. They made sure to devote enough time to their children to ensure they grew up well and didn’t feel neglected. The three young women, Kathryne Dora, Alisabeth, and Alyxandra Beatrice Brown, were raised conscientiously but very lovingly.

But everything hasn’t been smooth sailing for the family in the last while.

The parents always hated popular Hollywood tactics such as leaving kids with nannies and employing housekeepers. The girls were never allowed to watch Tyne’s R-rated “The Enforcer” with its bloody scenes.

Even some episodes of Georg’s “Rookies” were out. But both parents wholeheartedly encouraged the girls to watch “Roots.” Now, all three girls are grown up, and their parents couldn’t be prouder.

Kathryne chose to follow in her mother and father’s footsteps and became an actor. Alisabeth turned to the production aspect of films. All three women are loving mothers. In a recent Instagram post, the actress said:

“All my women are mothers now! Wow.”

Tyne has always been an advocate for mothers, and the fact that all her daughters have chosen to raise kids of their own seems to excite the “Cagney and Lacey” star. But Tyne and Georg never tried to influence their daughters and encouraged them to find their own paths.

In an interview with Kathryne, the actress noted that their parents never encouraged them to act. In fact, her father stubbornly disavows all responsibility regarding her career choice. Despite this, the “Christy” actress claims to have wanted to act since she was five and says growing up among actors influenced her choice.

Besides three lovely daughters, the family has grown by four grandchildren. Alexandra Beatrice has also recently shared an Instagram post showing off the latest little grandkid, setting the total at five. The mother captioned the post:

“Introducing Theia, who arrived last Monday after making us wait an extra 15 days to meet her. Can you say “fully baked”? To say the least, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.”

But everything hasn’t been smooth sailing for the family in the last while. Although the birth of another grandchild is a joyful occasion, it comes after a stressful time for the whole family. On April 26, 2022, Kathryne Dora announced that she had breast cancer that was now luckily in remission.

Although Kathryne’s cancer is now healing, she mentioned that she was diagnosed a week after a close friend. This friend, unfortunately, was not as lucky as Kathryn and passed away. Now, with news of the recovery, the announcement of a new family member is a fitting end to the ordeal.

Not only was Tyne a considerate and involved mother, but now she does her best to be a big part of her grandchildren’s lives as well. In a post made by her daughter Kathryne, it’s easy to see the time and love she puts into her grandkids as she lies reading them a story.

The influence of their famous grandparents and talented parents has definitely had an effect on the kids. Kathryne’s daughter, Poppy, has shown off her talents and her mother posted it on social media.

Little is known about the other Brown children since they all prefer to keep their social lives quiet, but they do show how loving the family is. The bond that Tyne has with her granddaughters can be seen in a few more posts that Kathryne made.

Tyne’s love of being a mother figure is evident in all of these. Although Georg doesn’t feature in as many photos, the father’s involvement in his children’s lives is apparent in how he encourages them to be successful.