Sat. May 18th, 2024

A brother-sister duo was out with their father, having a wonderful time riding an ATV near their family farm when the unthinkable happened. The family’s happy world came crashing in mere seconds, leaving their hearts forever shattered.

Happy families are profoundly unique and beautiful. That’s because they welcome each day with open arms and loving hearts, extract joy from their phenomenal bond, and never miss a moment to spread love and cheer.

The same was true for a family of four from Canada until an unexpected and highly unfortunate occurrence changed everything, turning their lives topsy-turvy. Here’s a look at their tear-jerking story.

Emilia and Noah Freire lived with their parents, Dave and Ashley Freire, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Born on June 30, 2014, Emilia, also lovingly known as “Mia” by her family and friends, was the oldest child of the Freires.

Noah was born on December 14, 2015. He and his big sister were described as playful, loving, and adventurous children, dearly loved by their family and friends. The two siblings attended Corpus Christi elementary school in Upper James, Hamilton.

Unbeknownst to them, an unlikely incident would soon turn their lives upside down.

Emilia’s family described her as a superstar, the life of the party, and someone with a loving and caring heart. She loved being a protective big sister to her little brother, was her daddy’s little princess, and her mother’s number one fan.

But that wasn’t all. Emilia enjoyed singing and was often seen playing with her dolls and giving cuddles to her best buddy, Lola.

Noah, like his sister, attended Corpus Christi and was loved by his family, teachers, and friends. The Freires described him as a fearless boy with a wild spirit and an enormous heart. He had an adventurous streak and enjoyed playing sports and goofing around with his big sister.

The little boy had an infectious smile and loved cracking jokes. He was his mother’s snuggle bear and aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps.

All in all, both siblings were deeply loved and cherished by their parents and loved ones. Wes Holmes, a close friend of the Freires, shared his thoughts on the lovely family:

“It was Dave, Ashley, Noah and Mia. They were, like you said, a unit. They did everything together. Sherkston shores, dinners out, vacations, getaways. If there’s a family out there you want to mold yours after, it was this one.”

On Saturday, October 8, 2022, eight-year-old Emilia and six-year-old Noah were out with their father on the family farm, enjoying an ATV ride. Unbeknownst to them, an unlikely incident would soon turn their lives upside down.

After some time, the ATV reportedly plunged into a 30-foot-deep pond. The accident occurred in a field west of Miles Road, and the cops reached the scene at about four in the afternoon.

By the time the Hamilton Police arrived, the ATV was already submerged in the pond. The officers and first responders started working to rescue the father and his children. They took them to the hospital, but sadly, the Freire siblings were pronounced dead.

The authorities said the children’s 35-year-old father was in stable condition when he was taken to the hospital. In a brief interview, Staff Sgt. Paul Corrigan said:

“Everyone involved is obviously extremely traumatized, so we haven’t had a chance to interview people.”

Officer Corrigan said that the police are yet to determine a cause for the unfortunate accident. A GoFundMe account was set up for the bereaved family, whose lives were forever changed after the heart-shattering incident. Wes wrote on the fundraising page:

“An unimaginable void has been left in the Freire family that is unfathomable. The Freire family will never be the same, two beautiful babies were taken far to soon, and we hope to aid in any way that we can for the difficult times ahead.”

As of October 12, over 80,000 CAD ($58,000 approximately) had been raised, and more donations continue to pour in. According to an online obituary, a funeral mass will be held for the two siblings on Saturday, October 15.

Emilia and Noah will be terribly missed by their loving parents, extended family, and friends. A part of the caption on the obituary’s online site read:

“We know both of you are together forever playing, joking, and teasing each other with love.”

Nora Holmes, the wife of Wes, penned a Facebook post, calling all motorbike riders to join the Freire family for their beloved children’s send-off to heaven. She further stated:

“Both Emilia and Noah absolutely loved motorcycles as their dad rides a custom Harley Davidson and they both grew up immersed in motorcycle culture. As part of the families final goodbye, they would like to get as many riders as they can to help send the children off to heaven.”

Wes revealed that the Freires were devastated and reeling with grief and shock after losing their two beautiful children. He also added:

“You don’t have words for something like this. It’s very difficult to describe but they’re pushing through and they’re obviously broken. They’re broken inside.”

Our hearts are filled with immense grief, and we hope and pray for the peace and strength of the distraught parents. May God grant eternal peace to their lovely children. Heaven gained two precious angels.