Sat. May 18th, 2024

Camilla was said to be “grief-stricken” following the Queen’s death on September 8 and was concerned about the “reception she would get” as she stepped out as Queen Consort alongside her husband King Charles. The comments were made by Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English in the latest episode of Mail+’s royal talk show Palace Confidential. Camilla has been faced with criticism in the past following her public affair with Charles in 1986.

During the talk show, where royal commentators discussed King Charles and Camilla’s relationship, the royal editor said: “I was with the King and Queen consort on Monday in Edinburgh and it was the first time I saw them since they came back to Buckingham palace after the Queen died.

“I think I said at the time she looked broken like really grief-stricken and obviously not quite sure of the reception she would get.”

Andrew Pierce, consultant editor of the Daily Mail, added that Camilla had been seen as the “wicked witch” following the affair when Charles was still married to Princess Diana.

He said: “Camilla was wicked witch and she knew it, and in private she used to make jokes about being the wicked witch. But she stuck at it because she loves him and he loves her and I think it’s an extraordinary testament to their love.”

Ms English also commented on the royal couple’s affectionate side, adding that the pair are a “good team”.

She said: “She knows how to handle him, they have been married 17 years, I think people forget that, she’s been with him longer than she hasn’t been with him in her whole life. They are good together they are a good team together.”

The King has taken on a number of big responsibilities since his mother’s death, with Camilla seen by his side.

Earlier in the week, Buckingham Palace released a portrait of King Charles standing alongside Camilla, and the Prince and Princess of Wales as the group are dubbed the new “fab four”.

They stand on the Ministers Stairs at Buckingham Palace, where portraits of past monarchs adorn the walls. Behind them is a portrait of King George III, the longest-reigning King in British history.

With The Crown set to air its fifth season of the show, Camilla is said to be expecting more backlash as the affair plays out on screen for all to see.

Since 2016, viewers have watched a dramatised version of events in the Royal Family’s life in the Netflix show.

Series four of the show predominantly focused on the new monarch and his relationship with the late Princess Diana with it ending just after their marriage in 1981

Earlier this month The Crown released a teaser trailer for season five which is set to be focused on the breakdown of Princess Diana and King Charles’ marriage.

Ahead of its November release, ITV host Christine Lampard spoke about how the monarch could be feeling with that part of his life being brought to the forefront once again.

Christine said: “That’s entering into that phase of King Charles’ life where- it’s a period he doesn’t want to reflect on, but we’re all going to be talking about it.”

Royal expert Katie Nicholl responded: “Full credit to these two, especially the Duchess who’s got a wonderful sense of humour and they did watch the last series. I think the King stopped watching it at a point but the Duchess watched it and took it, I think as we all ought to, with a pinch of salt.