Sat. May 18th, 2024

Jester is a Belgian Malinois who has been working at El Cajon Police Department since 2016.

Recently the department prepared a warm retirement ceremony where he was accompanied by his human partners Officer Randall Gray and Sgt. Mike Murphy.

The dog has done various heroic deeds for the department and the people whom he saved. Jester has done a great record with his 465 building searches, 121 high-risk stops, 45 narcotic searches, and 197 arrests.

The dog’s path, however, was not that smooth as his job had been too dangerous. Jester was stabbed in the throat and was taken to the Pet Emergency and Specialty Center where he got the needed treatment. Three weeks later, the dog was ready to return to his job.

The officers claimed that they would miss their devoted companion very much.