Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

The best thing about a flash mob? It can happen anywhere!
Whether you are on the subway, sitting in a courtyard, or simply at a restaurant, you never know when a group of people could burst into song and dance.

Although they are rarer than they used to be (back in the 2000s), they still happen! In fact, one flash mob made up of local worship leaders may just be one of the most beautiful things ever.

A group known as the Acappella Company decided to do something fun a few years ago.

A cappella, if you don’t know, is when people get together and create music using just their voices.

It’s a tough gig, especially because you don’t have any music to fall back on! If you stop singing, there isn’t any other sound to hide behind. Even more, since singing is the only thing happening, you better make sure it’s good!

The Acappella Company planned a flash mob at a local Chick-Fil-A, and the results were amazing.

The video starts off pretty standard. You see the camera filming a single man singing, but then other voices start to join in!

Don’t forget, this is a flash mob, so nobody in the restaurant besides the singers know what is going on. Flash mobs are a surprise for everyone else in public!

Within moments, the group of 15-20 guys that were all a part of the flash mob are singing together.

As the camera pans around, you can see just how big the group is!
The inside of the Chick-Fil-A is pretty small, but nearly every table has at least one man standing and singing. The song of choice? “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers!

There probably aren’t too many songs that are as perfect for an uplifting flash mob as that one.

The group of men are all worship leaders from the surrounding area who wanted to spread a little positivity.
With a song like Lean on Me, it’s hard NOT to feel a little uplifted by the end. As the men sing, people all over the restaurant start standing up and joining in. Some take out their phones and record, while others add their voices to the choir.

Even the staff joined in!
The workers behind the front desk even got in on the action. Clapping, cheering, and singing along, they weren’t mad that the flash mob had “taken over” the store at all. Even though they didn’t know the event was planned, everyone was ok with a little positive and uplifting singing.

As the song ends, the entire room erupts in cheers.

The moment, as beautiful as it was, had to end at some point. As the group hit a final note, they signal that they are finishing the song and the entire room can’t help but break into cheers.

Nobody in that Chick-Fil-A knew they were going to be getting dinner AND a show!